Zrenjanin community is situated in the centre of Banat. It covers the surface of 1.326 km2 and it is the biggest community in Vojvodina when territory is concerned, and second in the Republic of Serbia. The city itself is placed on the 83m altitude.

It is situated 75 km on the north of Belgrade and 45 km on the east of Novi Sad. Important roads which connect Serbia with Romania and Hungaria go through it. That roads are: Belgrade – Zrenjanin – Novi Knjaževac – Đula – Szeged, Belgrade – Zrenjanin – Srpska Crnja – Temišvar and Belgrade – Zrenjanin – Novi Bečej – Kikinda – Nakovo – Arad.

The territory of Zrenjanin community is very rich in rivers. In around 30 km there are a few rivers: Tamiš, Tisa, Karaš, Danube and channel net Danube – Tisa – Danube, and the city itself is on river Begej.

The community consists of the city Zrenjani and 21 settled places: Aradac, Banatski Despotovac, Belo Blato, Botoš, Elemir, Ečka, Jankov Most, Klek, Knićanin, Lazarevo, Lukino Selo, Lukićevo, Melenci, Mihajlovo, Orlovat, Perlez, Stajićevo, Taraš, Tomaševac, Farkaždin, Čenta. There are 25 different nations and nationalities and with the largest number are Serbs, Hungarians, Romanians and Slovaks. The total number of inhabitants in the community is 122.714.

The city of Zrenjanin is administrative, political, economical, educational, cultural and health care centre of the middle Banat and represents the headquarter of middle Banat territory. The most developed are agriculture, food industry, textile, iron and chemical industry.

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