Adresa: Maršala Tita bb, Bač

The foundations of Franciscan monastery were laid by the members of the knight  and monk order of the templars in 1169. In 1300 it was taken over by the Franciscans. During the Turkish conquering campaigns it was turned into mosque which can be seen from the remains in the church (mihrab and a water dish at the entrance). A famous icon painted by Dima in 1687 and a compilation of "The last supper" in the baroque style from the 17 the century are kept in the monastery. A spacious romanesque apse sanctuary , the remains of the 15th century and a massive bell tower built on the foundation from the 12th century are the oldest and stylistically most important parts of the monastery. There is one of the oldest libraries tith books from the 15th century. It is assumed that the first hospitals in panonia was founded on the place of the monastery.