The territory of Novi Kneževac municipality, with Banatsko Aranđelovo, Krstur, Đala, Majdan – Raba and Podlokani Firić villages, borders with Hungary and Romania on the north side.

According to the historical sources, this place was called Turkish Kanjiža. The greater economic significance Novi Kneževac gained in the 18th century during the “military border” period. A monument to soldiers killed in the Second World War (Aleksandar Zarin’s work), in the park on the bank of the river Tisa, is a constant reminder of how much effort people of Novi Kneževac put up against Nazism.

Novi Kneževac has attractive surroundings. There is a river Tisa, fish ponds, and various places to visit. If we are talking about agriculture, we must not forget to mention famous paprika which is grown and processed in this area. Novi Kneževac is well connected by road with Kanjiža and further to the north by the bridge on the river Tisa.

Address: Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića 1, Novi Kneževac
Phone: +381 (0)230 81 031, +381 (0)230 82 055


NOTICE: Beginning from June 12, 2010, citizens of European Union countries, the Swiss Confederation, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Iceland, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia may enter the Republic of Serbia using their identity cards and stay up to 90 days. Foreign nationals enter and stay in the Republic of Serbia under the…

OLD PARK – Novi Kneževac

In the far north of Banat, on the left bank of the Tisa river stretches Novi Kneževac park. Together with the palaces of noble families who lived there it makes the unique harmony of nature and architectural heritage of this region. According to the legislation of the Republic of Serbia (The Law on Environmental Protection),…