The wine cellar "Milisavljević" in its cellars in Lipar on Telečka plateau decided in 2008 to restore wine tradition of "Telečka plateau" and to produce the according to technology from the time of Marija Terezija but also accepting all necessary conditions of contemporary technology in wine-producing. At the entrance of village Lipar, there are grown all the best sorts of grapes on their own land on the surface of 12,5 ha which is situated nearby the village as the grapes as well as people adore company.

In producing the wine cellar "Milisavljević" has chosen to make only the best wines, so the grapes producing is limited on maximum 12,5 kg.

It is important to say that all the wines from the wine cellar "Milisavljević" are of the protected geographical origin. At the first wine competitions, the wines from the wine cellar “Milisavljević” won the gold medals, and Chardonnay won the special reward as the best white wine at the competition.

Our goal is to produce 50.000-60.000 bottles of wine as the wine cellar "Milisavljević" can’t produce more annually and we want all of it to be of the best quality from the “Telečka plateau”.