On June 21, 2022, the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina organized a reception at the Info Center for the delegation of the Republic of Serbia to the International Military Sports Council (CISM) and senior officials of the International Military Sports Council.

The delegation of the International Military Sports Council is staying in Novi Sad during the 13th CISM Futsal Cup for Peace. The International Military Sports Council (Conseil International du Sport Militaire - CISM) is an official international sports association composed of the armed forces of the member states, accepted by the General Assembly of CISM. CISM, through military sports, represents a modern dimension of the active establishment of international military relations, thus becoming a means of promoting and strengthening world peace. The ideal of strengthening inter-army cooperation and trust through sports is contained in the CISM slogan: "Friendship through Sport".

CISM is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations (ECOSOC) and annually organizes about 20 world military championships, the most prestigious of which are realized in typically military sports (military pentathlon, aeronautical pentathlon and other sports unique to the army). Following the example of the Olympic Games, every fourth year CISM organizes the Military World Games ("Olympics with Stars"), with the participation of an increasing number of elite athletes - members of the armed forces, about 20% of whom are Olympic medalists.

The Sports and Business Center "SPENS" in Novi Sad, from 20 to 24 June 2022, will host the 13th CISM Futsal Cup for Peace, organized by the Delegation of the Republic of Serbia to CISM, the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Army and partners - representatives of the Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth of Vojvodina, City of Novi Sad, Provincial Institute for Sports and Sports Medicine of Vojvodina, Football Association of Novi Sad, Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, Tourism Organization of Novi Sad and the SBC SPENS.

The delegation was welcomed by the director of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, Nataša Pavlović PhD, and the Provincial Secretary for Economy and Tourism, Nenad Ivanišević PhD. In the presence of numerous media, Dr. Pavlović presented the entire tourist offer of AP Vojvodina, with special reference to the summer season in Vojvodina. The members of the delegation were given appropriate printed promotional materials with details about the proposals for a vacation in Vojvodina. The official representative of the International Council for Military Sports (CISM), Colonel of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Richard Emeh, also addressed the audience.