Adresa: Prvomajska 21, Ilandža

Telefon: +381 (0)60 360 80 14


A vineyard-tourist complex “Banatski biser” offers a new way of tourism, wine tourism and catering services. On the map of the wine pathway through Vojvodina, this is the first destination. The visitors can visit our vinery and taste some of the wines, take part in some recreational activities, go fishing and enjoy the beautiful nature and domestic cuisine. Within the holding company, there are three firms: “Vinastra d.o.o.” which produces the wine using grapes from their own vineyard, “Banatski Biser d.o.o.”, which maintains the fishpond used for sport fishing, as well as the touristic and recreational facilities around the lake such as the restaurant, barbecue area, Pony Club, bicycle path and the beach for swimmers. Currently, a wine shop, bungalows with 20 apartments and sports courts are under the construction. “Astraprojekt” is the third member, which deals with the project and the construction of all the above-mentioned facilities.

The complex occupies the territory of 28ha. 16ha are under the vineyards, and the rest is used for tourist-recreational contents. The lake covers the area of 5ha. The width of the lake is diagonally 300 meters. There are two islands on the lake, as well as the geyser. There are 28 platforms for fishing altogether. It is surrounded by a footpath covered by clinker, where you can find resting places with benches. The wooden fishing platforms are approachable from this pathway. The lake is rich with carp. The tickets, namely the permits for fishing, can be half-day, daily, two-day and three-day. One part of the lake is meant for swimmers. There is a pebble beach with umbrellas. During the weekend, dishes from domestic cuisine are prepared in the restaurant (Venison stew, fish soup, fish grilled traditionally), and during the working days and the weekend Banat refection with all the domestic products, and of course the wines of the “Vinastra” Vinery.

“Vinastra” Vinery is a match of traditional knowledge, technological innovations in the area of wine production, free spirit and the world-famous trends and directions, which altogether made light, beautiful and easily recognizable wines of extraordinarily good quality. The capacity of vinery increases each year, with the growth of the vine. Current capacity is around 50.000 litres, and the full capacity will be 200.000 litres. The modern technological process suits the assortment of wine (Muscat Ottonel, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Triaminic, Rosé made of the black Burgundy - Pinot Noir, Frank and Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot). The fermentation is controlled on all the white and red wines, as well as the cold stabilization. Apart from the still wines, the winery is going to produce sparkling wines from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, in traditional methods from French Spain.