Datum održavanja: 09.09.2022.

The Days of Vojvodina event was held from 3 to 4 September in Slovenia. The tourist offering of the Province was presented on the first day of the event in Ljubljana with high attendance. Visitors to the event had the opportunity to receive information about the tourist attractions of Vojvodina, to taste gastronomic specialties, as well as the highest quality wines from this area. In the coming period, a large number of wine events will be organized in Vojvodina, as presented to event visitors through printed promotional materials. The sound of the tamburitza orchestra completed the experience of Vojvodina as an attractive tourist destination. In addition to the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, the tourism organizations of Sombor, Temerin, Subotica, Pančevo, the Municipality of Bač, the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism, as well as the organizers of the event Tour de Fruška participated at the Days of Vojvodina.

After the presentation of the tourist offering at the City Square in Ljubljana, a press conference was held at Park Hotel highlighting the EU funded project implemented by the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina in cooperation with partners from Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. The tourist offering of Vojvodina related to wine tourism and upcoming wine events, as well as cycle tourism, was also presented at the conference. The participants of the conference were Nataša Pavlović, Ph.D., Director of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, Milan Jarić, M.Sc., acting Assistant to the provincial Secretary for Tourism and Regional Economic Cooperation, as well as Urška Dolinar, director of the Iskriva institute from Slovenia. After the conference, a tasting of the best Vojvodina wines and a Vojvodina evening was held for all in attendance. The event was given prominence by the attendance of H.E. Ms. Zorana Vlatković, the Ambassador of Serbia to Slovenia. On the second day of the Days of Vojvodina event, the tourism offering of the Province was presented in Portorož.

The event was marked by great interest of the visitors in the tourist offering of Vojvodina, and based on direct communication with the visitors we learned that a large number of citizens of Ljubljana had already stayed in Vojvodina and that they brought back with them exceptional experiences of the tourist offering, as well as the friendliness of the Vojvodina hosts. The greatest interest was in cycle tourism, active vacations, wine tourism and gastronomy of Vojvodina.

According to the official data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia in 2021, Vojvodina was visited by 7,428 tourists from Slovenia, which is an increase of 138.30% compared to 2020. Tourists from Slovenia spent 15,312 nights in the province, which is an increase of 138.13% compared to the previous year. The average length of stay of tourists from Slovenia was 2.1 days. Of the total number of foreign tourists in 2021, tourists from Slovenia took the 6th place with a share of 5.11%. In the Info Center of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, for the first seven months of 2022, tourists from Slovenia were among the most numerous, i.e. in the second place when it comes to foreign tourists, which is one of the reasons for holding the Days of Vojvodina event in Slovenia this year.