Director of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina - Nataša Pavlović, Ph.D., visited Graz from 4 to 7 October 2022 with a delegation led by the President of the Provincial Government Igor Mirović. On that occasion, the President of the Government of the Province of Styria Kristofer Drexler, and the President of the Provincial Government Igor Mirović, signed a letter of intent for AP Vojvodina's accession to the Alps-Adriatic-Alliance.

On the first day of the working visit, the delegation visited the Airport and Cargo Center in Graz and the Chamber of Commerce of Styria, where the Partnership Agreement between the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina and the Chamber of Commerce of Styria was signed. On that day, at the Schmidhofer im Palais restaurant, a "Vojvodina Evening" was held, which was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Austria Nebojša Rodić, representatives of the Styrian Government, Parliament and businessmen, as well as members of the Association of Serbs in Styria.

During the visit to Graz, members of the delegation visited the Educational Center for Fruticulture and Viticulture "Silberberg" and the Talent Center (within the Chamber of Commerce of Styria), a freight forwarding company, in order to be informed about the organization and way of working, as well as the possibilities for cooperation. Also, on the same occasion, meetings were held with the Minister for Europe, International Affairs, Education and Personnel Affairs Werner Amon, and the Minister of Economy and Tourism, Regions, Science and Research Barbara Eibinger Middle.