The Tourism Organization of Vojvodina presented Vojvodina as an attractive tourist destination within World Tourism Day (25 September  2022) on Ada Ciganlija. The entire tourist offer of AP Vojvodina was presented to the visitors through the brochures: “Gastronomic Vojvodina”, “Wine Routes of Vojvodina”, “Short Vacations in Vojvodina”, “Vojvodina for Gen Z”, “Vojvodina’s Four Seasons”, “Spiritual Treasures of Vojvodina” and “Ethno Colors of Vojvodina”.

At the stand of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, in addition to the tourist offer, the magazine “Vojvodina Lunch” was also presented. Visitors also had the opportunity to see TO Vojvodina’s film “Vojvodina Lifestyle” projected from the truck stage and enjoy the music program.

The main organizer of the event is the public company Ada Ciganlija, City of Belgrade, IMPEV, while the participants at the event, in addition to the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina and the Tourism Organization of Belgrade, included the host – PC Ada Ciganlija, TO Belgrade, TO West Serbia, TO East Serbia, the Danube Competence Center, Museum of Illusions, Lala Vineyard, SVIBOR, BUZZ and others.

The World Tourism Organization’s message this year is #RethinkingTourism, which means we need to rethink how we operate in the sphere of tourism. The focus of this year’s World Tourism Day was the future of tourism, as well as the social, cultural, economic and political value of tourism.

In addition to generating great interest among domestic tourists, the stand of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina also attracted tourists from Spain and Russia who inquired about Vojvodina’s tourist offer.