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Its name comes from the name of the mountain itself. The name Fruška Gora, in its adjectival part has the ethnic Frut which means Roman. In that way the name of this mountain preserves the memory for the ethnic community which does not live in this area for many years now. Fruška Gora was declared the national park in 1960. In order to be preserved. The area of the active preservation is 25.525 acres.

Fruška Gora is one lonely island mountain in Panonian plane. To the north and south it is very rich in mountains and rivers. From the narrow mountain range it has side ranges with very steep slopes.

The location, the specific geological history, different micro-climate conditions make this mountain very interesting and important for different scientific fields. Thanks to the unique and large number of fossil flora and fauna remains, Fruška Gora is also called “The mirror of geological past”.

The main characteristics of this area are many endangered, rare and preserved animal and plant species. Planes and fertile areas, vineyards and orchards decorate the slopes and lower parts of Fruška Gora. The areas which are above 300 meters are covered with woods. The pearls and with the special value on Fruška Gora have 16 Orthodox monasteries. They are known for their specific architecture, rich treasuries, libraries and frescoes. Fruška Gora also hides many archeological localities from prehistoric and historic periods.

Thanks to the nature richness, beautiful landscapes, perfect charm and beauty of this mountain, Fruška Gora is ideal place for rest and recreation which will take you closer to the nature.

The national park is run by the public company “The National Park Fruška Gora”.