The special nature reserve Gornje Podunavlje (the Upper Danube Basin), category I protected area located in the extreme northwest of Serbia and Bački Monoštor, a village tucked away in the heart of this special reserve, have become part of the story called The Danube Guides. The Danube Guides is an association of partners from six European countries as well as tourist guides founded with the aim of protecting and promoting the natural heritage and cultural treasures along the Danube and preserving the environment. Based on similar criteria, the Danube Guides from Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania have been educated to follow the general approach of sustainable development through the activities of the project.

These local experts, nature lovers and experienced guides, offer unique experiences, diverse tourist offering for locals and visitors, children and adults, sportsmen and enthusiasts such as walking tours, historical and cultural walks, but also adventure such as cycling tours or canoeing.

During your stay in Bački Monoštor, the guides Zdenka Mitić, Anica Periškić, Jelisaveta Bešenji, Dejan Mitić, and Biljana Latić will show you the tourist offering through programs such as Knight of the Mythical Bodrog, In the Village on Seven Danube Rivers, Zen of the Danube and others.

Bački Monoštor is called the Village on Seven Danube Rivers because it is surrounded by the Danube, its tributaries, the Danube-Tisa-Danube canal and the Baya Canal, and is a real tourist attraction. The village is a true gem of natural beauty, ethnological heritage, customs and old crafts. Time seems to have stopped here, so if you visit this unusual Vojvodina village, you will feel the breath of old times and have an unforgettable experience. The village can only be entered via one of the bridges, so it is practically on an island.

The special nature reserve Gornji Dunav is located in the northwesternmost part of Serbia, on the border with Hungary and Croatia. It is a protected natural asset of the first category, which stretches along the left bank of the Danube. It is part of the large Bačka Danube Basin biosphere reserve, which forms the European Amazon and is one of the best-preserved wetland units along the entire Danube, registered with UNESCO.

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