Adresa: Novosadski put bb, Inđija

Telefon: +381 (0)22 557 019


The city swimming pool is situated near the road M-22 Novi Sad – Belgrade, at the entrance to Inđija when you are coming from Novi Sad. It was built in 1969., and today look it got by renovating in 1985. The pool (50m x 25m) was built in two deep levels 1,20m and 2,10m. it owns the system for cleaning and every day controlling the water. It has cabin showers, as well as with the restaursnt, garden and other contents. Accept the big there is also the small one pool 6x6 m 40 cm deep for the youngest swimmers. It is surrounded by the greenery and green surfaces, as well as with the courts for sand volleyball, basketball and leg tennis.

The pool is opened for the visitors in summer time from June to August from 10.00 to 19.00 h.