Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Stanka Paunovića Veljka,179, Ruma

In the first years of Nova Ruma their orthodox citizens were using the old church of Stara Ruma, and soon it became too small for all of them. So at the same time when the church of St. Nicolas was built of the solid material which was finished in 1758. They started building one more church in Nova Ruma for the needs of orthodox citizens of Ruma. There were some problems in the beginning, because for the new church they picked old and deserted orthodox graveyard, and the settlement’s judge thought that it was too close to the catholic church. Even the Empress Maria Theresia got involved, who made the decision that they should built another orthodox church, or the church of Ascension church at the place where it is today. The church was built in 1861. The iconostasis was the work of the famous painter Stefan Tenecki.