Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Josifa Marinkovića 63, Vranjevo, Novi Bečej

It the former settlement Vranjevo, which is today part of Novi Bečej, was built at the beginning of XX century the church of St. Jovan Precursor. The one nave building, with the five square apse, watched from outside, and with shallow choirs, in 1859., was added the parvis with the belfry above. It is supposed that than the façade decoration of the whole temple was done. Between the plinth and the under roof wrath where the triglyphs and eight - leaf ornament, one by one are put pilasters of profiled capitels or gradually put arcades. That way formed niches are shallow on parvis and choirs, while on the walls of the central part of the church is deeper. The central projection of the three part façade is a bit put out of the plane wall. Above the roof wrath, supportive ring support four square base with the top finished in baroque style.

The interior of the church is decorated with the icons as well as the wall paintings. The iconostasis partition, is symmetrically constructed and with a rich carvings of floral character, and completely closes the altar. The single figures of the Saints and compositions with historical themes were made in the fourth decade of the XIX century and were made by Jeftimije Popović. The wall paintings are also attributed to Popović or some other painters to the same artistic direction, like Sava Petrović and Pavle Čortanovački. The conservational work were done in 1968. and 2007. and then are renovated facades, the roof and the decorative fence around the church.