Adresa: Cara Dušana bb, Žitište

The church in Žitište is dedicated to St. Đorđe and the church celebration is on Đurđevdan.

The church has some church books, writings and kissing icons. The oldest among them is the Gospel written by hand, where is missing the front page and the first few pages so it is impossible to find out who is the author. The experts from the Province bureau estimated that it was written in XVI century. The second valuable object that is kept here are the kissing icons which were made at the beginning of the XVI century. The church book also belong to the rare and valuable objects, it was written by hand by the unknown priest in 1747., and in 1951. it was put under the protection of the state.

The church of the St. Đorđe in Žitište has also very nice done Gospel covered with red velvet and framed with the silver which dates from 1764. The old bell was taken down in May 1998., and assimilated in the new one which was put in September 1998. It was made in foundry of Jevrem Popović in Belgrade, Serbia. The new bell weights 448 kg and in diameter it has 910 mm.