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The third Ruma`s orthodox church of All the Saint`s was mentioned at the end of 18th century, but then it was built of fir wood, “ ruined and possible to fall”. It is not known where exactly it was, but surely not at the place where it is now in the centre of town. In the 80s of XVIII century, a great number of orthodox merchants bough houses in the village. Many of them were of Greek or Cincar origin – orthodox believers. Previously mentioned old church, as well as two new, were too far from their homes, so, as they complained to the Metropolitan , it was hard to approach it in winter, and during the services their homes were empty, and often were robbed. The Metropolitan and Srem`s rectory allowed building of the new third church in the centre of Ruma, but that is when the problems started, although the material was bought. At first it was the Austro- Turk war, then the near by plague, administrative problems… Then were put some remarks that the church will be too close to catholic church and that it is not going to be built by the Serbs but the small number of Greek merchants. Then was the petition of 114 noble people in Ruma, among them Atanasije Stojković, at that time the Ph.D. in physics, Jovan Pantelić, the painter and other. All that postponed the building of the third orthodox church in Ruma. At the half of the XIX century it was put under the roof. The church was renovated in 1905., when it was sanctified. Since then it has the name Sošestvija of the Holy Spirit. There is the iconostasis inside it, by the plan of Wien architect Herman Bole, and was painted by the famous painter Uroš Predić.