Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

The chapel Manastir – on the old cult place near Tisa – where, according to old stories, the Turks burn the Serbian monastery- which was built in XVIII century as one nave building with the U- turn altar apse and cupola above the west side of the temple. The plane façade is divided by beams and roof wreath above the plinth. The four- squared windows and niches are covered with plane, also four – squared frame. The roof covered with pepper tiles on the west chapel side grows into square belfry without ornaments, with one more floor of smaller dimensions. The biggest value of chapel is movable material, kept from older temple. Vey interesting is the triptych from the beginning of XVIII century (repaired in 1965.), which on the central field takes the presentation of St. Đorđe killing the Dragon, while on the side wings are the scenes from the Saint`s lives. The Emperor`s Gates, Crucifixion, and Throne`s icon of St. Jovan are the parts of older iconostasis and are kept in “Manastir” beside many other icons are work of unknown artists from the end of XVIII and the beginning of XIX century. The conservation works on chapel were in 1969., 1975., 1979. and 1987. By the concord of the institution for the protection of culture monuments of Zrenjanin in 2009., the new fence was put around the church yard.