If you head to Vojvodina in the coming spring months, you will see for yourself that the traditionally peaceful plains of Vojvodina also have a dynamic side.

On the wide plain crisscrossed with the great European rivers, the Danube, Sava and Tisza, there are over twenty protected areas, including the first national park in Serbia - Fruška Gora. Eight of the ten Ramsar regions of Serbia are part of Vojvodina. Almost two hundred protected bird species still fly over the Srem, Banat and Bačka.

The wealth of waters in Vojvodina offers many opportunities for an active holiday.  Unlike the Ramsar areas, where some sports and tourist activities are prohibited, there are numerous recreational opportunities on other water bodies, such as sailing, rowing, boating... Well-maintained hiking and ecological trails are intended for those who expect something different from nature. In their surroundings, the values of local cultures embodied in costumes, architecture, customs and cuisine are still preserved. Also, the tradition of equestrian culture in these areas has been present for hundreds of years. For all lovers of this form of recreation and entertainment, a visit to the stud farms, as well as some farms where horse riding has been introduced as an integral part of the tourist offer, is essential.

You can experience a dynamic vacation in Vojvodina if you decide to visit by bike. Various natural areas allow you to ride on the sand of the Subotica or Banat sand dunes, to ride in the shade of forests along large lowland rivers, to overcome the steep climbs of the Fruška Gora or the Vršac Mountains, and then to enjoy an exciting descent. Three international EuroVelo cycling corridors (6, 11, 13) enter our country in Vojvodina, creating a unique network of tracks that connect various natural resources, cultural and historical sights, unforgettable food and wine experiences and always friendly hosts. By yourself, on two wheels, along marked trails, you will create a tour, get to know the traditions, nature and the locals. For some additional excitement, there is paragliding in Vršac, Novi Sad or Subotica. The view of the plain from the peaks of the Fruška Gora and Vršac Mountains is beautiful and inspiring, if you add a little adrenaline to it, that is, if you decide to go paragliding, then the experience of adventure is guaranteed.

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