The Tourism Organization of Vojvodina, in cooperation with the Provincial Government, the Municipality of Irig and the Association of Fruška Gora Winemakers, organized a promotional tour for the media on Saturday, October 1, 2022, to announce the Fruška Gora wine walk event Walk & Wine 2023, the organization of which is scheduled for 2023. The event was organized on the territory of the municipality of Irig. The beginning of the event was marked by a visit to the only high school in Irig, “Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz”, which is the only school in Vojvodina offering a viticulturist-winemaker track. In the very historical core of Irig, the media were informed about the rich cultural heritage and history of Irig. In the continuation of the event, the media and those present had the opportunity to enjoy a dynamic and informative walk through the vineyards of the Fruška Gora region, enjoy the tasting of the best quality wines from the Fruška Gora region and authentic Vojvodina gastronomy. In addition, the media were informed about the tradition of winemaking in the area of Fruška Gora, as well as the ways in which varuis types of wine are produced.  The wineries “Deurić”, “Mačkov podrum”, “Fruškogorski vinogradi”, “McC“, “Vinčić” and “Molovin” presented their highest quality wines.  The story of the cultural heritage of Mt. Fruška Gora continued in front of the Novo Hopovo Monastery, one of the most important monasteries on Mt. Fruška Gora. The attractiveness of the event was highlighted by the presence of Pudari (vineyard keepers), who tried to convey to the audience in an inspiring way an image of the way of life in these areas as it once was. The event was completed by the sounds of the tamburitza orchestra.

The President of the Provincial Government, Igor Mirović, attended the event, emphasizing that “This event, modeled on similar ones from other countries, will be of great importance both for winegrowers and winemakers from the whole of Srem, as well as for the development of tourism and the presentation of the overall potential of Mt. Fruška Gora. Director of the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina Nataša Pavlović PhD stated that “Fruška Gora Walk & Wine” will unite active vacation, wine and eco tourism. The president of the municipality of Irig, Tihomir Stojaković, expressed his gratitude to the provincial government for working on the promotion of the municipality of Irig. The event was also attended by the Provincial Secretary for Economy and Tourism Nenad Ivanišević PhD.

The organized pilot Fruška Gora wine walk is actually an introduction to the event planned for 2023. The Fruška Gora wine walk Walk & Wine 2023 will involve an attractive walk along marked trails through the picturesque vineyards of Mt. Fruška Gora in a length of 7 to 11 kilometers, while pagodas with winemakers will be arranged at a certain distance. All registered participants will be able to attend this event.

For media representatives, the Tourism Organization of Vojvodina prepared the continuation of the program on 2 October 2022. Namely, the media visited the Jazak Monastery, the Mala Remeta Monastery, the Deurić Winery, the Fruška Gora Lugarinica, as well as the Grange Farm 137 where within the framework of the Rogalj Festival Bean Festival (a culinary competition focusing on bean stew preparation) was held.