Don't miss a promising experience and sail the waters of the Danube in the last days of summer. The Tourism Organization of Kovin, with its expanded offer, allows you to experience the beauty of this river in an authentic-looking vessel, a comfortable and pleasant boat, the authentic chaika, which will take you back in time for a moment. Navigation starts from Kovin Dunavac to the Smederevo Fortress and includes several river islands, beaches and artificial lakes that are connected by the river. From the surface of the water there is a wonderful view of a variety of vegetation and different species of birds, which makes this excursion a combination of culture, science and fun. The sailing plan and program can be adapted to the wishes and needs of visitors, that is, interested guests. Two vessels, as authentic replicas of the 17th-century chaikas, with a capacity of 12 people each, can be rented at a price of 4,000 dinars for an hour, which makes this trip more affordable. Weather conditions can disrupt sailing, so it is necessary to follow the weather forecast. In addition to the mentioned day variant, the night sailing is certainly very interesting. Photographing newlyweds or other festive occasions allows those interested to record their most beautiful moments in a unique way. Take your place on time and expand your collection of memories.

For additional information, you can call the following numbers: +381 13 745860; +381 60 0417130; +381 60 3743814.