Adresa: Žitište

The statue dedicated to the film boxer "Rocky Balboa" is probably the one of the most famous statues of Serbia, which has been heard worldwide. The interesting marketing idea to raise the statue belongs to several young people from Žitište. In this way they wanted to promote their place and also to point out to the need of greater activism as well as the decision making of young people in society.

The main aim of this action was to show Serbia and the other countries in the region that the erection of this statue represents the recognizable symbol of perseverance and success achieving. The carving and the opening ceremony of the statue provoked unprecedented interest not only of domestic, but also of numerous foreign media from all over the world. The opening ceremony accompanied by the “Chicken Fest" event attracted 12000 people, 140 accredited media and 70,000 website which proves that the idea as the global success.

It was built of concrete and modeled with the height of over three meters. The statue’s winning arms are held up to remind everybody that a group of young people has decided to influence their environment and their lives in a completely different and unusual way. Decorating Žitište center, the statue welcomes curious travelers who decide to stop the car for a moment and take pictures in front of the statue, imitating Rocky himself - arms raised triumphantly up.