Parasailing or paraglider is one of the newest air sports, and one of the easiest ways to achieve the dream of flying. This sport is intensively developing and expanding in the last fifteen years and is growing in the sport aviation. In this sport it is not jumping out of airplanes as is often thought. Required equipment can be easily packed into a backpack (about 15 kg), and requires some form of transport to the nearest suitable hill. When you find a suitable location, it takes less than ten minutes to prepare. After a few steps running along the hillside and with good air flow one may take off immediately. Beočin hill is located at the exit from Beočin on the way to CrveniČot, the resort Šakotinac, next to a beautiful view of the panorama of Novi Sad and Vojvodina's plain a so-called airfields and provides a relaxing experience if you choose to soar and watch the national park Fruška Gora. Due to the large number of interested parties, in addition to quality of theoretical preparation and practical training SK Orlovac educates young people and tends to set paragliding to a higher level in order to provide the purpose for Beočin mountain to compete in the precise landing and stunts in the air.