The ensemble of Palić buildings that belong to the Hungarian Art Nouveau movement, was inspired by Transylvanian folk art and opened in 1912. Parts of this ensemble are the Water Tower, the Grand Terrace, the Women's Lido, the Music Pavilion and the Memorial Fountain. The architects are Marcell Komor and Dezső Jakab, who designed Subotica’s City Hall and Synagogue.
Each of these structures is different, depending on the function but also the choice of materials, construction and the Palić red color - they are all of the same style. Komor and Jakab brought the idea of connecting architecture and atmosphere of the Grand Park to perfection. Thus, dismissing the classical arrangement of buildings in succession, down the street or a promenade, which we often pass by but don’t really noticehere we physically pass through the Water Tower and the Grand Terrace. By applying these passages, porches and terraces, the strict border between the outer and inner space is lost. Intertwining of nature, architecture and interior design is probably the greatest value of these Art Nouveau buildings. All these buildings have become symbols of Palić. The unusual architecture of these buildings intended for relaxation and recreation, attracts and invites visitors even after more than a hundred years.

The symbol of a peacock, which the Water Tower represents in its shape, stands as an early Christian symbol of resurrection. It was chosen to represent a new beginning of the future spa.
Grand Terrace
Designed as a multifunctional building, it maintained a similar function until present-day. On the upper floor there was a luxurious ballroom. On the ground floor were restaurants and a pastry shops.
Women's Lido
At the time when the Lido was constructed, different social standards were effective: women had to hide from prying eyes while swimming in the lake.
Music Pavilion
The smallest Art Nouveau building - the Music Pavilion, was and still is used as a place for promenade concerts.
Memorial Fountain
The memorial fountain was built in honor of the completion of all Art Nouveau buildings in Palić, and it is a focal point of a view from under the Water Tower, through the Grand Terrace and to the lake.
Palić Vases
Two large blue vases made from Zsolnay ceramics depicting the Water god, standing in front of two hotels in the Grand Park, were placed in 1910 as a gift of the owner of the Pécs Zsolnay ceramics factory to Subotica and Palić.