Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Trg oslobođenja 7, Kula

Telefon: +381 (0)25 722 231

Email: kula@biblioteke.org.rs

Web: www.biblioteke.org.rs/kula

The organized library expert works started in 1953. It’s development started, right after the liberation, with the big action of collecting books- contribution of the people. To collected books they joined kept books from the City School, as well as the rest of the books of the association of “Kolo Srpskih Sestara”. Since 1961. the library exists as independent institution with the annual income from the community.

In 1988. the library got the building in the centre of the town. It has 600m2 of space. The National library in Kula consists of the library in Kula, and it’s sections in Sivac, Crvenka, Kruščić, Ruski Krstur and Lipar. The library has 85.175 books. On Serbian language there are 74.648, on Hungarian 5.901, on Russian 4.444 and 182 books on other languages.

The library organizes the meetings with writers, book promotions, lectures, literal and art open competitions for the children of primary and secondary school age. During 2001. the library organized six literature meetings, three lectures and five exhibitions. Our guests were: Goran Petrović, Vasa Pavković, Đorđo Sladoje, Miroslav Lazanjski, Duško Trifunović…