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It all began at the end of the 70’s, in the last century, when Milivoj Žeravica (1931-2009) decided to get Fordson 10-20 HP tractor from 1924. That type of tractor had been owned by his father Milorad (1909- 1968) and it was among the first tractors in the village. Milivoj grew up with it. Having tractor at that time was very rare and attraction for it self.

Milivoj found out, by chance, from his friend, that there was another tractor in the nearby of Kragujevac, just like he searched for. He went there to have a look, and he was surprised to see several similar tractors from that period. He immediately got the idea to buy them all and in a way, save them from disappearing.

At the beginning, it was a small collection consisting of only a few tractors temporarily put in a small shed.

His son Čedomir, made this collection unique in this country, and put it to the level of a respectable collection. It is all made of items collected in nis area, and therefore it is particularly valuable.
In the form of permanent exhibition, collected tractors are exposed to public in 1991 in an object built especially for this purpose. The central tractor in the collection is the oldest one in Serbia and wider area "Hart- Parr 30" from 1920. There are also interwar models, and models after the World War II, made in European and American factories.

Apart from these, this museum offers old trades, ethno exhibition, as well as a great collection of old radios.

Working hours are from 8 am to 4 pm.