Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Stari Slankamen

Loess profile in Stari Slankam represents the most complete geologic heritage of loess sediments in Europe which are about 800 000 years old. The secret of the Ice Age has been kept there. The past 280 years have been the subject of research of domestic and foreign scientists. These scientists state that they can, for example ,reconstruct what the weather conditions were in this part of the world fifteen thousand years ago by comparing the particle of loess profiles at different places of the globe.

At the Stari Slankamen loess - palaeosol plateau there are eleven pedocomplexes. At pedocomplexes from F11 to F9 the remains of brown soil that correspond to warm and humid Mediterranean climate, of Older Pleistocenencan be found. Brown plateau of pedocomplex F8 and F7 correspond to moderately variable continental climate of the Middle Pleistocene, ending in with the remains of brown palaeo pedocomplex, that is pedocomplex F6, indicating a resumption of thewarm Mediterranean climate. Pedocomplex F5, is attributed to the beginning of Virma or Ris - Virm interglacial. This explains the emergence of a warmer and wetter climate during the early Pleistocene in the southern parts of Europe, which has provided favorable conditions „chernozem” formation.