“Jeremija“– Serbian Museum of Bread was established in 1995. This project appeared as a result of scientific work of a painter Jeremija, who has been exploring the processing of bread for a couple of decades.

On the space of about 1200m2 there are a number of successively built objects in which different collections are exhibited. The main concept of the exhibition has a goal to show the way which a grain of wheat passes “from the ground, through bread to heaven“, in that way corresponding to the cycles of Jeremija’s paintings – “the cycle ground, bread and heaven“. Because of the strong influence of the personality of artist himself, there is the idea which wriggles throughout the whole complex which represents the Museum as Jeremija’s work of art.

The complete museum fond is formed out of two thousand items, sorted in three theme collections: ethnographic, archeological and artistic. The ethnographic collection is consisted of: a collection of tools for tillage, a collection of objects for processing of wheat and corn, a collection of objects for kneading and baking bread, a collection of objects which were used in the household and a collection of ceremonial breads. The archeological collection is consisted of: prehistoric and antique collection. In the painting collection there are the paintings and drawings of Jeremija. Within the museum complex there is also an oven for baking bread, a chapel dedicated to bread and a souvenir shop. In front of the complex there is a wide parking area.

Working hours of the Museum are on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm.