Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Ðure Strugara 14, Kula

Telefon: +381 (0)25 725 070, +381 (0)60 731 5503, +381 (0)60 731 5505

Email: jarebica.kula@gmail.com

Web: www.jarebicakula.com

Hunting Association "Partridge" based in Kula, manages hunting ground "Veliki bački kanal Sever" ( Grand Bačka Canal –North) covering the area of ​​14.092,15 ha and "Veliki bački kanal- Jug" ("Grand Bačka Canal - South" covering the area of ​​18.413,25 hectares, with a total of 32.505,40 hectares.

Constantly grown kinds of game in this hunting ground are deer, hare , pheasant and partridge.

The hunting grounds "the Grand Bačka Canal" North and South, have the following hunting structures: 20 stable stands, 38 deer feeding stations, 38 salt stands, one watering-place, 128 feeding –place for pheasants, and grey partridges and 9 shelters for pheasants with total area of ​​5 ha.

Professional services are provides by the manager.

Hunting tourism is developed, in particular spring hunting deer, summer hunting quail, European turtle doves, collared dove and common wood pigeon.