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Adresa: Počenta bb, Novi Slankamen

Telefon: +381 (0)69 607 079, +381 (0)69 607 698

Email: ateljevina@sapat.rs

Web: http://www.sapat.rs

On the slopes of Fruška gora, in the heart of lush vineyards overlooking the Danube and Srem, there is the Wine Studio Šapat - a modern winery, a top restaurant and elegant apartments and rooms.

The elegant ambience of the restaurant blends with nature, and the dishes from the menu are a combination of classics in the selection of basic tastes and courage and inventiveness in terms of spice combinations and ways of presentation.

The offer of the restaurant is mostly focused on the organization of special private and corporate events, and the top quality and service provided by Atelje vina Šapat, meet the needs of the most demanding guests.