In June 2017, we started with the new project Virtual nad Cultural Tourism, ViCTour, HR-RS47. It is co-financed by INTERREG IPA CBC Croatia-Serbia 2014-2020 program. Project partners are Vukovar Srijem County (as Lead Beneficiary), Tourist Board of Vukovar Srijem County, Tourism organization of Vojvodina, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics in Subotica  and European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

The common territorial challenge is that target area has a lot of thematic routes based on a specific thematic tourist offer. The approach of the project is to implement innovative solution in cross border area focusing highly on joint know-how transfer, joint development of tourist offer, joint promotion of all target area, etc. Combining experience and knowledge from one side of the border to the other will result with cooperation which will lead to improved interpersonal relations and ultimately to the development of better and quality tourist promotion and offer.

The main project results are recognizable identity of the region, level of tourist promotion improved, capacities of tourist services providers improved and increased visibility of tourist offer of cross-border region. Developed marketing plans will provide further steps and activities for better using natural and cultural heritage and will define recommendation for joint development and diversification of cross border tourism offer of Srijem/Srem. Activities will be directed on improvement of existing tourism offer and raising quality of promotion by using new information and communication technology (ICT).

Target groups of project are: local public authority - tourism boards, travel agencies, general public, tourists etc.

Project duration: 28 months.

Activities: producing 2 marketing plans (for both partner sides) that will analyze the current situation of tourism potentials in target area, define objectives and target groups and marketing activities as well as recommendations for joint tourism development activities in Croatia & Serbia. Visually identity will be developed for the purpose of branding,recognition and consistency and it will be displayed on all promotional materials and purchased ICT tools in future (Augmented and Virtual Reality, Interactive totems, Holograms, Multimedia guide and electronic workbook). Following activity is implementing an education for thematic tourist guides, education for certification of tourist guides, education for key stakeholders in tourism for using digital technology in promotion.