Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Hotel Srbija, Svetosavski trg 12, Vršac

Telefon: +381 (0)13 834 170

Email: office@hotelsrbija.rs

Web: www.hotelsrbija.rs

Forest adventure, mountain trails, aromatic wines, local charm. Devote a weekend to your own well-being.


  • Arrival to Vršac in the afternoon or early evening.

  • Meeting with a guide taking and getting to know the route. Testing the bikes.

  • Free time.


  • Breakfast., Departure from the hotel at 10 o'clock.

  • Cycling on rural roads through the vineyards at the foot of the Vršac mountains (the highest point 641m). The route includes mixed flat paths and ascents (average slope 5%), good roads with weak traffic (23 km) and forest trails (4 km). The first phase includes the ride by asphalt road through the vineyards and climb to the church of the Holy Cross, dating back to 1720. Visit to the viewpoint of the city. Visit to the club of extreme sports.

  • Free time for climbing and descending with ropes down the hill.

  • Coffee break.

  • Departure and visit the fortress of Vršac tower from the XV century. This is a true symbol of the city where one can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Vojvodina, and in good weather conditions, you can see the Danube. Cycling on the forest paths to the Mountain lodge.

  • Visit to the Mountain lodge located on the eleventh kilometer from the start, provided as a place to rest.

  • Picnic break (lunch packages). There is possibility to organize lunch in a Mountain lodge - a venison stew or barbecue. Cycling through the forest and vineyards to the Mesić monastery from the thirteenth century.

  • Visit to the monastery. On the way back to Vršac short break at the spring of mineral water Mesić.

  • Back to Vršac at 5 pm.

  • Dinner at the hotel. Exposing the plan for the last day of trip

  • Free time.


  • Departure from the hotel at 10 o'clock. The route contains plains and climbing (average rise of 9%), good roads and traffic of low intensity (20 km) and forest trails (16 km). Cycling to the village Malo Središte, through the vineyards on the slopes of the mountains of Vršac.

  • The first phase includes a visit to the monastery Malo Središte (XV century) at 12th kilometer from the start. Tasting of spring water, which is according to the residents, is healing. Climb to the highest peak of Vršac - Gudurički top, 641m.

  • The second phase includes picnic (lunch packages) at the top. Organized games and archery, along the beautiful panorama of the region.

  • Driving along the exciting forest trails on the way back to Vršac. Visit to the Mountain lodge, driving through parts of the Vršac mountains which are under the third instance of the state protection as a natural treasure. Birdwatching.

  • Cycling beside the spring on some sections of the route. Departure to the recreation center by the Red Cross.

  • Departing from the viewpoint.

  • Visit the Church of St. Theodore.

  • Back to Vršac.

  • Dinner and overnight.