Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Cara Dušana 82, Zrenjanin

The temple of Presentation of the Holy Mother of God was built in 1777. At that time it was the oldest city part – Gradnulica and still was not connected to Bečkerek and represents the city itself. On the place where today is the church was the monastery from the beginning of 18th century.It is a baroque building whose iconostasis were painted by Arsenije Teodorović, and frescoes by Stevan Aleksić. The story of presentation temple started much before 1777. The remaining of that past is the chapel St. Rafail. Monk Rafailo was announced the saint and healer while he was still alive. He died in Gradnulica monastery. According to the stories, after his death, from the old elm in the garden started running the healing water. It healed the village people who were contaminated with an eye epidemic. This, almost five centuries old and protected with law elm, was damaged in the fire thirty years ago and was left with the cut branches as the evidence of the rich history of the city on Begej.