Adresa: Fruškogorska 2, Lug

Very pleased because he found hard-working people, who took the Bible with themselves, the Duke Odeskalski offered to the woodcutters from Bačka to buy some land and stay in Lug in 1900. There was made the plan of how Lug has to look like, and by intersection of two streets in 1902., there was made the place for church and church home. Eight years later they started to build the church which was finished in 1912. For forty years it was used as the school as well. The church was later many times rebuilt and widened, and today`s look the church in Lug has got since 1971. The preparations for the most recent renovation started in 2003., and the base stone was put in 2005. The blessing of the new church was done on May, 25th 2006.