Adresa: Čerević

Very old catholic rectory existed in Čerević since 1198., because it was mentioned in one a letter written by Pope Inocento III. The catholic rectory of St. Petar and Pavle was mentioned in Čerević in 1333. and 1372., as well as the church of The Devine Virgin Mary and The Trinity. The Pope Bonifacije IX gives to the Čerević catholic rectory, under some conditions, forgives in January, 11th 1401. The Pope Grgur XI answered to the Nikola I Gorjan`s request. He answered in a letter on September, 11th 1372., from Avignon and with it he allowed him to build a monastery for 12 monks, on his farm near the church of St. Petar which he has built before. This monastery was also under the protection of Emperor Zigismund of Luksemburg. He came to Čerević a few times and gave to this monastery the Emperor`s support and privilege. Matija Korvin also gave the same privilege to this monastery in July, 26th 1478. The Franciscan monastery in Čerević became so prominent at the end of the 14th century that all the Bosnian Franciscans were calling themselves The Čerević Brothers, and the Pope Bonifacije XI in 1401. gave them many privileges and forgiveness. In the document from 1766., there stands that there in Čerević is a chapel built of wood, that the chapel has the name of St. Josip and that the chapel is in a very good state, which is obviously on contrary to the results of the visit in the same year 1766. In that documents it was said that the chapel is very ruined and it can fall by herself any moment, which can be understood as the Danube flooded all the and destroyed all the buildings including the chapel. The construction of the church building in Čerević started on March, 30th 1773. in the name and honor of St. Josip. The building was finished at the end of 1776., it was partly decorated, and on May, 31st 1777. it was blessed and given to people for use.