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Catholics in Novi Bečej built their first church, or better to say chapel, in 1747., and dedicated it to St. Vendel. As it mostly was made of earth, it collapsed in 1800. On that place was built the new one which was finished on October, 31st 1809. The main donor of the church was Klara Papapulizo, the wife of landowner from Novi Bečej Pavle Hadžimihaila jr., who later changed her surname into Sisanji. In her honor church was dedicated to St. Klara. Sisanji Klara was othodox believer and was buried in Orthodox church in Novi Bečej. Accept the picture of St. Vendel and St. Nikola there are also two pictures in the church, oil on canvas technique by an unknown Hungarian painter Karolj Šef. The catholic church was renovated few times, 1909., for its 100 anniversary, 1961. and 1970.