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The Lutheran church of modest dimensions, was in a perfect correlation with the number of Lutheran believers in the village. The Evangelists are first mentioned in Novi Bečej in 1820. Than it was said that the number of believers in Arad was: 1.459 and in branches of the church in Elemir, Melenci, Novi Bečej and Kikinda 246 believers. Jan Kolar, famous figure of Slovak renaissance and panslavism in Šematizam from 1838., gives more detailed facts according which in Novi Bečej were 50 Evangelists, and we also came to this number later in 1848. In the basic register from 1835., it stands that the Evangelists came to Novi Bečej about 1835. The general Register was found in 1861., and the priest that year was Rot Bela, which can mean thet the church was built that year or some year earlier. That year the number of believers was 56 in the main community and only 50 in branches in Stari Bečej, Melenci and Kumane, which makes only 106 believers.