Address: Masrikova 65, Kovačica
Phone: +381 (0)13 661 631

Gallery “Babka” in Kovačica was founded in the middle of 1991. The goal of its founder Pavel Babka was the affirmation of young generation of painters of Kovačica, as well as drawing the public attention to other artistic forms in this town.

Gallery “Babka” functions according to the UNESCO principle “Living human treasure”, which involves free transfer of knowledge and skill in making art objects and souvenirs from generation to generation.

In 2001, this gallery, which is part of the Ethno Center “Babka”, was proclaimed to be The World Center of Publishing on Naïve Panting by UNESCO.

1) Adam Mezin, Moj zavičaj 50 cm x 50 cm,
2) Zuzana Veresky, Komšinice, 25 cm x 15 cm,
3) Klara Babka, Zimsko veče 25 cm x 20 cm,

19. 12. 2012.