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Adresa: Cara Lazara 85, Kovin

Telefon: +381 (0)13 742 310, +381 (0)13 742 592

Email: office@kulturakovin.com

Web: http://www.kulturakovin.rs/

The Cultural Centre is the center of cultural performances in Kovin. We are the only institution in South Banat which gathers professional and amateur contents in its program. In order to offer many different and quality programs, we try to agree for the higher degree of cooperation with other institutions of culture and education, taking care of cultural needs of citizens, and at the same time to follow the modern flow of artistic creation. In cooperation with the city offices we try to give to all the inhabited places adequate cultural programs in the size it is possible. The Cultural Centre does its programs in the theatre, cinema, gallery and on the summer stage.

The Gallery

The big and the small gallery with the movable board. The cultural centre has small, and big exhibition halls, which can accepts small and big exhibition projects. In the small gallery the weddings are held as well, which have to be scheduled in advance. The galleries are recently air-conditioned, and you can see the permanent exhibition which is owned by the Cultural centre.

Within the cultural centre there is also the Amateur theatre “Kovin”.