Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Novo Miloševo

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Magdalena was built in the period from 1838. to 1842. with the founder Karačonji family – the landowners.

The church is monumental classicistic building with two massive belfries which flank the main front, and with U- turn apse. It was put in a west-east direction and pulled inside considering the regulation of the street. The constructive structure is made of massive side walls and U – turn curves which carry half – circled vaults. The pedestals of towers are pulled like risaltoes whose edges are flanked by pilasters, and between the colonnades of four massive leaned pilasters, of circled base. Between the towers is the high gable finished with triangle kettledrum. The towers are covered with triangle kettledrums and shallow curved roofs. Altar apse is lower than the nave, and you can enter the crypt from outside, where the family Karačonji was buried. On the north and south side of the church nave near the altar apse are sacristy in the nave height.

The interior of the church is richly decorated, with curves and vaults and leaned pairs of pillars by the massive walls. The plinth is highlighted and the bases of pillars in the lower zone, and Corinth capitols and architrave wreath in the plastic decoration of altar and statues , are the main art expression with the galleries above the entrance- the organs and choir above the both side of sacristy.