Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

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Adresa: Novo Miloševo

The settlement was inhabited in 1752., under the name Karlovo, because of the Austrian Emperor Karlo VI. After the First World War it got the name Dragutinovo, and after the Second, Banatsko or Novo Miloševo.

Today`s church was built in 1842., which was recorded on the wall note above the entrance portal. The west part of the church was resolved in classical style with the shallow pilasters above which are roof wraths and kettledrum triangle part. High belfry is not perfectly put in the lower part of the front. As the completely opposite made west, side façade are resolved with the U – turn niches where are the windows.

The carving on the iconostasis is in reserved classical biedemeirer style is the work of an unknown craftsman. In 1855. Nikola Aleksić was painted the icons, thrones and choirs, The Jesus tomb, as well as the wall paintings on the vault under the sole. As the student of Arsa Teodorović, he is one of the most productive painters of the first half of XIX century, who during the career which lasted for four decades, and went the long way from classicism and biedemeirer to the romanticism. The atmosphere on his paintings of a cold colors, puts him closer to the sentimentality of Nazarene painting. Other wall paintings were painted by Josif Gojgner.