Datum održavanja: 01.01.1970.

Adresa: Milošev put, Novi Bečej

Vranjevo grave yard was moved from the village centre in 1852., (today that are July,6th Street and Marka Oreškovića street) to place where it is now. There was built small church in 1926. as the legacy of Milanko Stanković and his wife Sofija Grujić, dedicated to St. Đorđe. The building is smaller in dimensions, but it was made with a monumental look. It is the one nave building, with apse in five directions and three towers which flank west front. The constructive structure is made of massive side walls and U – turn curves on pilastars, which carry shallow half – circled vaults and divides church on three aisles. On the west facade is portico on four pillars with Ionic capitols which carry architrave and kettledrum. The towers are narrow and high, with caps like stair like pyramids. The church was shaped in model of Bečej church with the style characteristic of eclectic and elements of classicism.