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Adresa: Uspenska 2, Novi Sad

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There are testimonies that The Church of Assumption of Holy Mother of God existed even in 1731. The building from that time was made out of wicker charge. The construction of the new church, the one which stands there today, started in 1765. Special beauty of this temple is found in its iconostasis and its carvings, as well as the carvings in Virgin’s throne, Episcopal Throne and the church furnishing of rare beauty made by our Marko Gavrilović and his sons. The iconostasis was done by Janko Halkozović and Vasilije Ostojić. The icons on the north and south gates stand out, together with the icons in the Episcopal Throne, so it is believed that they were painted by Dimitrije Bratoglić from Zemun or Mihajlo Jeftić from Sremski Karlovci. After putting up the bells and some minor works, as well as the iconostasis, The Assumption Church probably got its present looks in 1776.