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On the north slopes of Fruška Gora, on the east of Dumbovac stream, near to Stučica there is the locality Gradina. In the area around Gradina in the period of 1963-78. there were systematic archeological diggings in order to find the remains of the medieval church. There were two separate phases, Romanic and Gothic. The three nave church belongs to the Romanic phase with three U-turn apses, and under them there is the crypt. The Gothic church, which partly lies on the base of the Romanic one, had the three side apse with the buttresses. On the Gradina locality there was the Dombo monastery, which in the 15th century was surrounded with walls and moats. Inspite all of that, in the 16th century the Turks invaded it and burnt this monastery complex. By the resolution of Karlovac peace agreement it was completely destroyed in 1702. The part of remains which were found was preserved. Before the medieval period there were Roman buildings, where we can find remains of the hypocaust of some building and movable archeological material. In the oldest layers there are tracks of the ground fortress from the older iron period.

The text is taken from the book: The Monumental Heritage of Serbia, 2007.

Since 2010 this founding is one of the three localities which are into IPA project of international co-operation with Hungary.