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Adresa: Stari Slankamen

The Spring of Saltwater in Stari Slankamen dates from the Roman period and it was used by the Huns, the Avars, the Celts and the Turks. In the Roman time, it was known under the name Acumincum meaning “a place on a hill”. In the time of the Turkish dominance, the Turks built a Turkish bath only 50 meters from the spring. The bath is visible even today, in the house of late Djordje Mrksic. The salty water had been flowing into the Danube for centuries, until 1834, when the Austrian authorities fenced in the spring and the water was collected in catchments. It has been supplying special hospital "Dr Borivoje Gnjatic" and the swimming pool situated within a spa with salty water. In 1908, the landowner from Stara Pazova, who had a hotel, bank and store in Stara Pazova, built a hotel Izvoriste (spring) in Stari Slankamen. He restored the spring, built a tower for supplying the spa with water and laid the pipes 700 meters long. Salty water has medicinal characteristics and it cures diverse illnesses such as rheumatism, sciatica and arthritis, etc. The present spring partially supplies Slankamen Spa, while the rest of water flows into the Danube. During the World War II, salty water from the spring was used for nutrition because of the lack of salt. The spring was restored in 2007. Besides the possibility of using water, the spring has become a tourist attraction as one of the monuments of Stari Slankamen, which indicates the history and significance of this town.