Address: Vojvode Putnika 3, Novi Sad
Phone: +381 (0)21 557 408, fax: +381 (0)21 557 406

It is located in the south-east of Bačka region in the vicinity Novi Sad along the inundation area of the middle course of the Danube on its left and right side, close to the villages of Petrovardin and Kovilj.

The core values of this area are represented by the preserved and diverse indigenous orographic and hydrographic forms of marshes (islands, backwaters, ponds, swamps); the preserved, abundant indigenous plant communities in marshes (forests, meadows, reeds, rushes); the diversity and abundance of fauna (172 species of birds and 46 species of fish) and particularly by the presence of rare and endangered species.

Thanks to its extraordinary natural wealth, Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski Rit was declared the Important Bird Area (IBA) in 1989, and in 2004 it was included in the list of significant water-related protected areas in the Danube basin (ICPDR).

The Reserve is managed by Public company “Vojvodinašume” Novi Sad.