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Adresa: Narodni park bb, Kanjiža

Telefon: +381 (0)24 875 163, +381 (0)24 874 810

Email: office@banja-kanjiza.com

Web: http://www.banja-kanjiza.com

Over more than nine decades, the spa “Kanjiža” has developed into a modern Institute for Rehabilitation. It offers the hospitality to those who need rest, preventive recovery and medical rehabilitation, as well as all the comforts of the healing water and mud. It is an ambient suitable for those who seek peace, greenery and comfort. The rehabilitation department is equipped with the newest and most modern devices for physical medicine and medical rehabilitation.

The sports hall with 600 places has all the props for so called “small sports” (handball, small football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, judo, wrestling), so it can be used for recreation as well as for the preparations of the top athletes. It also has the air-conditioning devices, so it is suitable for organization of any sports or entertaining shows. There are also a handball court, a football pitch and two tennis courts, as well as modern fitted gym with 12 different units.

Within the object “Aquamarin” there are two indoor pools with thermal water, with dimensions of 25 x 12,5 m and 10 x 8 m. The bigger pool is big enough to swim in it. Apart from the patients, the citizens also have the access to the pools in recreational purposes. There also exist a sauna and a trim-room, where the supervision is done by a qualified instructor.

More information: www.banja-kanjiza.com