SPA “RUSANDA” – Melenci

Address: Banja Rusanda bb, Melenci
Phone: +381 (0)23 731 050, fax: +381 (0)23 731 075

SPA Rusanda can offer to its guests medical treatments of:

  • illness’ of the central and peripheral nerve system
  • wounds and illness of the ospreous and hinged and muscular web
  • illness of capillaries
  • deformations in children growth
  • inflammation rheumatism in early stage
  • degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis and spondylitis)
  • out – hinged and metabolic rheumatism
  • discopathics and lumbago sciatic
  • after effects of rheumatism and traumas
  • coetaneous diseases (psoriasis, chronic eczema, spots and other)
  • gynecological diseases (chronic nonspecific gynecological diseases and sterility)
  • medicine rehabilitation

The process of rehabilitation is carried out as a team work by means of the use of various dyagnostical and therapeutic treatments such as:

  • kinesitherapy
  • hydro-therapy (theraputic pool)
  • underwater massage, galvanic tub, four cell baths, local and alternatebathing, all of them with use of mineral water
  • active therapy (the entertainment and therapeutic ones)
  • electrotherapy (galvanization, drug electrophoresis, diadynamic and inderfential currents, electro stimulation)
  • phototherapy (IR, UV rays)
  • ultrasonic therapy
  • paraffino therapy
  • paloidotherapy (general and local baths, mud layering, EF peloid)
  • logopaedic treatment
  • neuro-psychological rehabilitation
  • acupuncture
  • laser and magnetic therapy
  • vasculature