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Adresa: Salaš 274, Čenej

Telefon: +381 (0)63 78 02 125

Email: donatour@open.telekom.rs

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/donnavista.novisad?fref=ts

Blue grange, Čenej operates through a club of grange fans, the Blue grange association ...It is located in a country oasis of Ceneian fields in an oasis of Vojvodina plains, 15km away from Novi Sad.
In a document from 1237 we found, according to Melhior Erduheliij, the first certain record of Čenej. That year, the Hungarian King Bela IV donated the land and villages to the newly founded Cistercian Abbey in Belafons. History of Pannonian heath wrote the story of Vojvodina granges, where the conquerors were passing by, various kings and princes ... and they have resisted and remained scattered throughout the plains of Vojvodina, as a symbol of peace, freedom, truth, faith, hope and love, and a small desert oasis speak their philosophy of life, oblivious to the civilization, only touching it from time to time when welcoming guests. Blue grange Čenej, over a hundred years old, with a house-made of mud, decorated rooms in the old fashioned way, preserving tradition and authenticity, is tailored to the promotion and production of traditional crafts, organizing traditional festivals, exhibitions, fairs, promotion of healthy food, seminars, promotions, art workshops and festivals, educational camps in the open-air green space that farms organizes by the Association Blue grange for its members, as well as other organizations and individuals who have a similar theme, Blue grange traditionally organizes baptisms and weddings, the wine and the farm evenings every Friday and Saturday, as well as the promotion of rural tourism and monasteries ... The Grange also has one apartment to accommodate guests.
Tour of the farms is arranged in advance, as well as all events.

Welcome, dear friends!