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Pancakes with ice cream and warm cherry sauce have first become a symbol of the Palic and Subotica hospitality industry and today this is a proud offering in other parts of Vojvodina too. Unusual for this region – the pancakes are filled with a ball of vanilla or hazelnut ice cream, and then topped with warm cherry sauce. They are a much-demanded desert for an enchanting impression and unforgettable taste.



For the pancakes – 4 eggs; 50 dkg flour; 1 litre of milk; salt and sugar to taste

For the cherry sauce – 1 jar of stewed cherries; 300 g sugar; 50 g corn starch; ice cream; 1 dl red wine



Mix in the dough for pancakes, and fry in a pan. When finished, put the scoop of ice cream on the pancake and roll the pancake. At the same time cook the cherry sauce adding red wine at the end of cooking. Pancakes are put on a plate and topped with warm sauce.