Address: Cara Lazara 176, Surduk
Phone: +381 (0)22 371 099, +381 (0)64 229 7635

Only 40 km away from Belgrade and 50 km from Novi Sad, on the very banks of the Danube River between Stari Slankamen which was the former settlement of the Roman legions during the second century and Stari Banovci whose bank hosts the ornithological ecological station with rare bird species (recorded in the archive of Cambridge) the old village Surduk with its “Dunavsko gnezdo” (The Danube ‘s Nest) is located.

Transport: from Belgrade to Surduk, and back, runs a city bus line with over twenty departures daily, between 6.00 a.m and 11.00 p.m.

Surduk is also, conveniently situated on the international bicycle route.

In this village in Srem, whose archaic coast rises 50 m above the river level, as a threshold between dozing past like in fairy tales and hectic and noisy present, the village board ”Dunavsko gnezdo” offers its guests resting space from the city bustle in the beautiful setting of rural households. The art of decorating and antiques that reflect the spirit of the interior as if they are suggesting their guests to hold at least for a moment as well as to reconcile themselves to the magic of the countryside life. The Danube’ charm of preserved nature and colorful Vojvodina customs is constantly present.

Within the village boarding “Dunavsko gnezdo ” at the very beginning of hazelnut plantations there are two double wooden houses with private bathrooms and a large terrace, which are by their richly decorated ornaments the unique replica of the old pheasant „ kotobanja” (blockhouse) built in this region in the last century.